> We’re Cinematic Wedding Storytellers.
> We’re innovators.
> We’re Different.

Your wedding video shouldn’t look like a promo! The day you will want to remember forever should be authentic and true to the day. No funny or awkward poses here. We focus on capturing the day as it happens. Let us be your Iowa wedding videographer. We serve Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Des Moines and well beyond.

If you’re questioning whether you need video or not ask yourself this. Can photos capture the speeches? Will you remember the way Mom or Dad danced with you? Will you remember the sounds? Nothing can beat motion and sound.
So why us? Well we’d like to think we’re different. We travel light so that we don’t be intrusive on your big day. We use long telephoto lenses that allow us to capture intimate moments without having a camera in your face. Our videos are built on emotion. We pride ourselves in not having a video with random wedding shots thrown together. We take time on each edit to fully bring out the emotion of the day. We have multiple cameras to capture everything and safe guard just in case there is failure with one. The last thing you need is your Iowa wedding videographer to show up with 1 camera and have it fail (yes its common especially in extreme temps). We have several mics to ensure good sound capture. Our approach is different than most. We allow your photographer to lead and we capture the same images and in turn only need about 4-10 minutes of time to capture the few things we need. This is major because it keeps our working relationships strong with photographers and doesn’t stress you or them out.

Iowa Wedding Videographer

We are more than just people with cameras. We create cinema. Look around and let your heart lead you. We will be your Iowa City Wedding Videographer, Iowa Wedding Videographer, Quad Cities Wedding Videographer and Des Moines Wedding Videographer. Ok sorry about those corny keywords we have to put in here for us to show up on your favorite search engine. -_-  Contact us today and lets talk about your wedding film.

“Wish there was a higher rating. Very professional, would highly recommend”. – Becky Baxa

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